Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Hypertank review

Hi all, me again.

Here we have the review of the Hypertank. I received this free for review from Toni at www.ukecigcabin.com/

You can find the product here www.ukecigcabin.com/product/hypertank for £13.99

The Hypertank, where do i start with this. I know size. This Hypertank is huge. This thing holds 5ml, that's right 5ml of e-liquid. Next weight, this thing straight out the box is heavy but filled with liquid it's even heavier. Certainly more than i was expecting. 

So down to the info. The Hypertank is a bottom coil clearomiser meaning the coil is situated at the bottom of the tank aiding in the wicking of your e-liquid. The tank is made out of pyrex glass meaning you can use all your liquids without the fear of your tank cracking. Over this pyrex tank you have an aluminium sleeve which gives you the design. This takes 510 drip tips meaning you can replace the drip tip to one of your own. This has a 510 connection on the bottom. It comes in three different colours, chrome, black chrome and bronze.

The Hypertank comes very well packaged in a little box, on the back of the box you get a starter guide to get you going and you also get a card inside with instructions on how to fill it plus 2 heads. One already in the Hypertank and a spare in the box.

So build quality feels great, well put together, i have had no leaking problems at all with the Hypertank. This uses the same heads as your Protanks. I have tested this and tried both a normal Protank head and a micro coil Protank head in this and both work very well with no leaks what so ever. Here is a picture of a Hypertank head (right) and a Protank head (left).

The stock heads that came with this are not great if i am honest, on par with the stock Protank heads. I have been using this since Saturday morning and already the head is getting gunked up and dropping in performance. Not great i know but this unfortunately seems to be the norm these days with the ecig manufacturers as they are so mass produced. If you can re coil then i would re coil straight away but i think the price point of this reflects the heads as we all know the Protank heads are not great compared to a re coil and this is a similar price.
As said earlier this thing is weighty, so much so that on my Evic it feels so top heavy especially when full up with e-liquid which leads me onto the size. It is huge, to wide and heavy for an ego battery imo but you can get a Hypertank collar here www.ukecigcabin.com/product/hypertank-collar.It is to wide for my Evic but that is down to my vape ocd really as only a small overhang. Dimensions are 50mm high not including drip tip and connection and 21mm wide. Here it is on a Evic.

Here is a size comparison with a Protank 2.

Final thoughts of the Hypertank then. If you have a mod then yes this looks ok on it but needs to be a heavier mod imo. The design is not to my taste i must admit but it is certainly different. Holds a huge amount of liquid so less faffing about filling it up. Not great stock heads but if you can re coil this won't be an issue. 

Would i recommend this, for a beginner no as it is not a great vape, for an experienced vaper yes as the right mod and a recoil would make this clearomiser great.

Little edit here: There are fake Hypertanks out there people so be careful where you buy from. Genuine Hypertanks have the words Hypertank Glass Atomizer written on both ends.

Last little note. It looked the best on my Magneto lol.


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