Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Smoktech Aro Review.

Hi peeps,

Here we have a review of the Smoktech Aro bottom coil clearomiser. I received this free for review from the wonderful Toni over at www.ukecigcabin.com/

You can find the Smok Aro here in various different colours www.ukecigcabin.com/product/aro

When Toni said she was going to be sending one of these out to me i was not sure what to think as although i had heard some great things about them i had also heard about the leaking. When this turned up though i was pleasantly surprised i have to say. 

The Smok Aro is a bottom coil clearomiser with a pyrex glass tank. This means the coil is situated at the bottom of the clearomiser aiding in the wicking process. The pyrex glass tank means you can use all liquids without fear of the tank cracking. The heads are replaceable and can be found here www.ukecigcabin.com/product/coil. This has a capacity of 2.5ml and uses the ego threading on your batteries.

On opening this up the first thing i noticed was the weight to it, feels weighty in the hand. It is a quality bit of kit. The pyrex tank is thick.I filled it up and left it for five minutes to let the juice soak into the wicks. Placed it on the Evic and the head was reading 2.3 ohms. Set the Evic to 7 watts and away i went. Now as said i was not sure what to expect but wow this thing was great, plumes of vapour, great throat hit and great flavour. I turned the Evic up to 9 watts and this thing really blew me away. I hate to say it but the stock head was on par with my micro coil setup in my Protanks on all fronts. Maybe that is down to my coiling efforts though :D

Now yes this Smok Aro was good but it does have its down points. First up the drip tip, you can't remove the drip tip and put your own on it which for me is big no as i like a plastic drip tip for work as i start so dam early and it is cold at that time in the morning. 
Leaking, well yes i did have some leaking, not a huge amount i must admit and it was only once the level of liquid got below a quarter. Once the Smok Aro was topped up the leaking did stop. 
The vape, for me this has a very airy vape to it, 3 holes on the ego skirting cause this and for me it is just a little to airy. 

Just to add before I go. These clearos really do benefit from a thicker juice. I use 60pg 40vg but have heard that 50/50 is there sweet spot. 

Would i recommend one of these, yes i would, one of the best vapes i have had from a stock clearomiser and it fits a 1300mah battery very well as you can see from these pictures.

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  1. Great reviews Rosco, the SMOK ARO has been quite a hit in america