Wednesday, 8 January 2014

A cure for Cancer?

Very excited everyone. Today i have a guest post for you from Dave at Daves Vapereviews. All his reviews can be found here Daves Vapereviews. There are some cracking reviews guys, check them out, subscribe and keep up to date with everything vaping. So lets get on with the guest post.

"There are around 10 million adults in Great Britain who smoke cigarettes. 

About half of all regular cigarette smokers will be killed by their addiction."

"Every year over 100,000 people in the UK die from smoking related causes. "

"60% of smokers say they would find it hard to last a whole day without smoking."

These statistics were taken from

So what options are available to those who wish to quit smoking, traditional tobacco cigarettes?

Traditional NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) will work for some, some will be able to go 'cold-turkey', but for countless others they will surrender to their addiction and continue to smoke combustible tobacco. 
So what if there was another option? An option that would provide the nicotine smokers crave, the sensation of smoking, replace the habitual activity of holding something and drawing on it like a cigarette, the visual/psychological addiction of seeing 'smoke' exhaled and recognising this as a sign of satisfaction? 
Electronic cigarettes, or to use a term that I prefer, personal vaporisers could be the answer. They are considered by many who use/have used them to be the holy grail when it comes to a tobacco alternative as they provide the physical/visual/psychological stimulation they crave without the countless carcinogens and chemicals that a traditional tobacco cigarette contains. The liquid that is "vaped", in a Personal vaporiser will generally contain vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), flavouring and distilled water. A traditional tobacco cigarette usually contains anywhere between 4000 and 4500 chemicals including an array of known carcinogens.
The problem "vapers" are facing is that some people oppose use of these products as they feel there is not enough long term study into their effect on users, some believe they will serve to re-normalise smoking by making it appear more socially acceptable, and some suggest that the choice of flavours available to "vapers" could encourage children to take up this habit. 
My argument for making vaping as widely available, if not more so, than traditional tobacco products is a simple one, they are SAFER than smoking. People who switch from smoking combustible tobacco to vaping are at less risk. And that should be enough shouldn't it? Many believe vaping to be completely harmless, many believe it to be virtually harmless, and many accept that is simply less harmful than smoking. Why do these products need to be proven to be completely harmless when tobacco is still widely available for sale in the UK? Proving the absolute safety of anything is a very difficult thing to do and, personally I feel an argument against e-cigarettes or personal vaporisers on the grounds of public health is absolutely laudable when tobacco products continue to be sold. 
These products provide a choice, a safe(r) option for those individuals who will die if they don't stop smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. 
The image I created was designed to try and raise awareness by grabbing the attention of people who may not be aware of the plight vapers are facing and to encourage them to consider and look further into what has been going on. Please feel free to share the image by any means you feel appropriate, lets raise awareness and work together towards showing the positives to using personal vaporisers as an alternative to smoking. 

Thank you.

Massive thanks to Dave for this amazing guest post. Share this around people, lets make this amazing post go viral.

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