Wednesday, 26 February 2014

1,000,000 to Help Save E-Cigs.


Lets show the world how effective social media can be. 1 like, 1 share, is all it takes to make a difference.
Vapers, Ex Smokers, Non Smokers, and those thinking of smoking, Fighting for the right to choose a safer alternative without excessive restriction or limitations by medical regulation. We have a voice, all you have to do is hear it.

Show you support here fellow vaper's and head over to here 
to join the thunderclap and for all the other information you need on how to make your self one of the million needed. 

Please add your like to this Facebook page... You don't even have to be a vaper to help save e-cigs!

If you are in the EU PLEASE sign this Initiative. IT IS NOT A PETITION.

Please share the page and ask every one you know to like it. It won't spam people, it won't post nonsense, it's just there to let the world know, we may be small but together, we can make a difference.
Give a like and know that you helped millions of other vapers world-wide save ecigs.
If you don't have a facebook account, please consider joining if just for this cause.

Then share this post on every social network you can., we need to make this happen and we can only do it, if everyone takes part.

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