Monday, 10 February 2014

Kanger Aerotank Review

Kanger Aerotank review is up and ready to go.

Kanger Aerotank available here

Spare heads available here

The AEROTANK has a Stainless steel body , glass pyrex tank & Dual coils - what more can you ask for ?
There is nothing better than a high quality product that affords you full control and customization capabilities—and the new Kanger AeroTank is just such a product. Building off of the immense popularity of their ProTank line of glassomizers, Kanger has now introduced their newest creation—the all-new Kanger AeroTank Glassomizer.

This incredible new device offers all of the wonderful qualities of the ProTank 3, but with one very important new addition: airflow control. All vapers have experienced clearomizers and tanks that are either far too airy or ones that are very tight and difficult to drag. Preferences with respect to the amount of air that the tank intakes vary from person-to-person, making it nearly impossible to create a device that suits everyone’s needs and desires.

Kanger responded to this problem by creating the AeroTank, which allows the user to easily adjust the amount of air that flows through the tank while taking a drag. This small but indispensible feature alters the vaping experience entirely, as you will truly get the perfect vape for you each and every time.

As with the ProTank 3, the all-new Kanger AeroTank Glassomizer is a dual-coil replaceable tank system. The entire device can be disassembled, which not only allows for the ability to replace the Pyrex glass tank should it break, but also affords the user to change the tank color, as well as the drip tip.

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