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Beginners guide to making your own coils

Hello everybody,

I have a guest post for you today from Jason over at allaboute-cigarettes forum all about making and building your first coils.

My first attempt at making this guide was really going well when I was reading it and then it dawned on me that I was reading it and not someone who does not know how to rebuild.

It was too lengthy, too many videos, too much detail, and made rebuilding sound/look difficult, so I went back to the drawing board because that was what I was trying to avoid.

I didn't want to do a guide of how exactly how i make coils as we are all different and work in different ways, you just need to find the way the suits you.

So i then had to look at it in the view of someone wanting to try rebuilding for the first time and here it is, nothing special just the pure basics of rebuilding, not loads of videos with different way of doing things.


List of useful tools for making coils:

Half Straightened Paper-clip (see piccy)

Thin Nosed Tweezers (for those picking up of fiddly parts)

Long Nose Pliers (for pulling out parts of a head)

Toe Nail Clippers (for cutting wick and wire)

Small Flat Head Jewellers Screwdriver (for adjusting wires/separating touching coils)

Multimeter (for those who don't have a device that can read resistances/ohms)

Cheap Multimeter can be bought here: Clicky

Blowtorch (I use this to torch my coil before making a wick as it makes the wire easier to handle once it has been torched, just a quick run of the torch under the wire until red will do)

Blowtorch can be bought here: Clicky or here Clicky

You can also use a lighter, takes a bit longer too heat up but does the same thing, or you could use a gas hob (best to use tweezers too hold the wire if using a gas hob)

NOTE: If using Ekowool you can also insert the paperclip inside as Ekowool is hollow inside

Very usefull tool that a lot of members are using is  Coiling Buddy, see piccy and video below and this thread


The following wicks and wire is a good all rounder for most things and works well:
Silica Wick 1mm : Clicky
Silica Wick 2mm : Clicky
Silica Wick 2.5mm : Clicky
Ekowool 2mm : Clicky

0.2 Kanthal: Clicky

For building the basics like Protanks/Evods/Davides or anything that has a Evod head see here: Clicky

Please note that just because i use the above it does not mean that it gives best results as everyone has their own methods, i just find it works well for me.
Do's - Dont's - And what to expect:

Have all tools at hand
Have a nice area to work on
Make sure all your other tasks for that day are done before starting
Have a good watch and understanding of the videos below
Have fun

Get frustrated
Get annoyed
Look into things too much, it is what it is, just wire and wick
Carry on if all is going badly, stop what you are doing and try another day
Expect it to be great on first try, it can take many many tries to get it right

What to expect:
A better vape than pre-made wicks
A better taste than pre-made wicks
A big saving with money
A great sense of achievement on your first tried and tested wick/coil

An Introduction to Re-buildables:

Tutorial - Wire & Resistance for Re-buildables:

Tutorial - Multimeter:

Evod, Kanger Protank 1, Kanger Protank 2, Mini Protank 1, Mini Protank 2, Mini Davide, Mega Davide, Smok ARO, Vision Victory, Vision TOX

These tutorials applies too the above brands as they all use the same heads:

Viva Nova Tutorials:

IGO-L Tutorials:

Advanced Tutorials can be found HERE

List of suppliers who sell wick and wire (There are more out there but this is who i use)
Discount Code: LT10 for 10% off (Must be signed in for it to work)


Discount Code: POTV for 10% off

Wick and Wire:

Vape Mesh:
Discount Code: N/A


Discount Code: allabout for 10% off

Wick and Wire:

Here is a link to all of the guides Jason has done. Guides

All credit goes to Jason for this guide, in my opinion one of the best guides out there to get you started building your own coils. Everything you need in one post. 

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