Sunday, 11 May 2014

Received this message today from a happy vaper. It has made my day!

I received this message today from somebody who has been watching my reviews and reading my blog.
Your reviews on your blog are the reason i got the kit i ordered :) ordered from ukecigcabin and mentioned that it was you that drew me to the site when i spoke to Toni :) 
Thanks for the top info! Hope your op went well :)"
"Oh and thanks for mentioning this site (AAEC Forum) in your blog! Since joining a member in Leeds has donated some Ruyan samples to me and i won a competition for a protank2, iclear 30s (both on my wish list thanks to your reviews) an aga 3, aga t and a vision eternity! :)
Nice to hear an opinion from England rather than the usual american drawl on the tube. Balanced opinion on what a product can and can't do from someone who loves vaping.
Very Happy Chappy"
This has made my day. It is great to know my reviews and views are actually helping vapers get the right kit that really works for them and pointing them in the right direction for more help and information.
I am a very happy vaper today.
Massive thanks goes out to jackcustard for his message. It makes it all worthwhile.

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