Thursday, 17 July 2014

Smoktech SID/ACE East Head Review

Smoktech SID/ACE Easy Head Review from

SID / ACE eGo Easy Head, Silver.
The eGo Easy control Head turns the SMOK SID or ACE mods into a giant eGo battery but will last longer then a regular ego battery.
The Easy control Head allows you to still use eGo and 510-threaded atomizers and clearomisers.
If you don't need a variable voltage device, and feel its a pain pressing the buttons to get the set up correct before vaping,   this is the gadget for you! use 18650  batteries  or 18350 batteries with a smaller tube.
You may have a old SID mod laying around unused, broken, pop the easy control head on for work, and have a cheap mod as your back up device.

To install: Simply Unscrew the original SID / ACE mod control head off, and replace it with the Easy Head.
one button use.

Size: 29mm
Colour: Silver
Connection: 510/ego

Smoktech Easy Head available here:

AAEC Forum:

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