Thursday, 19 February 2015

20w and 30w Istick Silicone cases at Ukecigcabin just £3.39

Istick Silicone Case for Istick 20W 30W

These look very nice indeed. Great way to protect your Istick and make it look better. Comes in 4 colours, black, clear, blue and my favourite pink. 

Just £3.39 as well. Bargain.

Taken from Ukecigcabin:

Protect your Istick with a rubber Silicone case, soft comfortable touch, the case comes in 4 colours.

Easy to slip on to the istick,  protect against key scratches in your pocket or handbag.
The case has  holes for the oled screen, usb cable input and raised button areas to enable you to carry on using the istick with the case on.
Black, Clear , Blue and Deep pink.

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