Thursday, 26 February 2015

Drippa Subscription E-Liquid box gets bigger. Now 70ml!

Drippa have now upped there subscription e-liquid box to 70ml of juice for the same price of £30.00 each month.

These are top quality gourmet e-liquids as well and well worth the money imo and with no contract it is well worth a look at.

Taken from there forum post.

Your Drippa box has been upgraded to 70ml of juice!

The price is still £30 including free delivery anywhere in Europe but you will now get 20ml extra each month making us the best value box in Europe.

It's been a crazy year for us and we've grown an awful lot. Because we're ordering in much higher quantities we're getting better prices from our suppliers. Are we spending this on fancy mods and holidays to the Bahamas?

No... we're spending it on more juice for you!

From the beginning of this month, instead of the normal five bottles of 10ml, we started shipping 70ml of juice and a minimum of 5 flavours, sometimes more.

There is no price increase, free shipping on every box no matter where you are in Europe, no contract and still our money back guarantee but from now on it will taste sweeter for longer.


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