Friday, 6 February 2015

Thunderclap time with MOVE. Get involved and help the vaping community.

MOVE are doing a thunderclap. These are a great way to get a certain message across.
Please do get invloved and help out the vaping community.

Thunderclap here:

Story from there thunderclap page.


As physicians and health professionals we see everyday patients who are severely affected by tobacco smoking, many of whom will eventually die or have their health severely affected despite our help and advice.

In light of the numerous studies undertaken to date we – as health professionals – cannot remain passive in the face of the clear public health benefits of electronic cigarettes. We therefore recommend that our colleagues actively learn more about electronic cigarettes as a new public health tool in the ongoing global health campaign against tobacco-related diseases.

We call on our colleagues to sign this declaration in support of the merits of electronic cigarettes.


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