Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Dyson investing $15 million into batteries. Could we see this come to Ecigs?

Dyson's plan to double your smartphone's battery life. They are investing $15 million into new battery technology.

Could we see this coming to Ecig batteries?

From the gadget show website.

Dyson is best known for its vacuum cleaners and fans, but now it's turning its attention to the smartphone in your pocket. It's pumped $15 million into a University of Michigan company called Sakti3, whose technology can make your phone's battery life last twice as long.

Theoretically, the tech could be used in anything with a rechargeable battery, be it an electric car, toothbrush, smartphone, tablet, laptop or smartwatch. Electric cars could run for 600 miles per charge using the tech. Hopefully smartwatch batteries would last beyond the one day which has become standard.

So how does it work? Instead of using a liquid mix of reactive compounds inside the lithium-ion batteries, Sakti3 uses solid lithium electrodes. These have a significantly higher energy storage – up to 1,000 watts per litre.

The batteries are also smaller and lighter than current ones, so expect thinner, lighter phones on the horizon.

"Sakti3 has achieved leaps in performance, which current battery technology simply can't," James Dyson said. "It's these fundamental technologies – batteries, motors – that allow machines to work properly."

Sakti3 said Dyson's involvement will see its tech become available to us punters sooner than otherwise. Though there's no word when. Expect to see it in Dyson's gadgets first.



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