Sunday, 29 March 2015

Vapers in Power needs your help.

In case you haven't noticed yet Vapers in Power are in the final few days of their crowdfunding campaign to get together the necessary to fund two candidates in the General Election. The funding deadline is the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Add your help please everyone, two candidates means more coverage.

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From Vapers in Power

It has been a pretty successful day with an additional £85 added to the coffers. The total now stands at £1872

The candidates WILL be standing, but every pound makes a difference to how much noise they will be able to make. Each candidate obviously has the deposit to pay, but this gives them FREE postage to nearly 140,000 households that means there are printing costs for 140,000 leaflets, they get FREE meeting halls, but it isn't much use if they can't afford to light and heat them.

The aim is to raise £3000.

Often with the campaigns that take place it feels a little like we are stuck in an echo chamber only reaching the few people that have an active interest in the subject and failing to penetrate the psyche of the vast majority who instead get their news from the scaremongering stories in the tabloid press.

This is an opportunity to break out of the bubble, and gain genuine mass publicity for vaping and the issues of Article 20 of the Tobacco Products Directive which comes into law in May 2016. The wording of the TPD leaves options open to the governments that are signed to it. We need to make it clear that those options need to be exercised in a way that benefits the health of the population and preserves the right of choice. The right of nicotine users to choose to vape.

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