Sunday, 5 February 2017

B&M Stores stocking basic E-Cigarettes at super cheap prices.

We visited our local B&M store last week to pick up a few bits and pieces and at the checkout we spotted this little stand with a huge range of basic ego batteries and clearomizers plus a huge range of e-liquid.
On closer inspection it looks like this is from a company called 88vape. I found their website here and it looks as though things are just as cheap on the website.

In the store e-liquid was just 95p per 10ml, 95p now that is cheap. Clearomizers coming in at 99p and the Ego style batteries just £5.99.

I would not hold out much hope on how good these products are but for that price it has to get people off the cigarettes and in to vaping.

When we visit again I will be purchasing some e-liquid plus a full kit of battery and tank and run it through its paces to see what it is like.

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